Selected by / Signum Quartett

  • 17:00
  • 30.01.2020
  • Grote zaal
  • € 27

Signum Quartett
Florian Donderer violin
Annette Walther violin
Xandi van Dijk viola
Thomas Schmitz cello

Franz Schubert String Quartet no. 8, D.112
Thomas Adès Arcadiana

Each day in Selected By a quartet will present two major works of its own choice in a one-hour performance without interval. The juxtaposition of the two pieces creates a strong contrast or tension, while in some cases their musical impact is reinforced by their relationship to each other.

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Arcadiana by Thomas Adès is a modern classic. For this contemporary idyll Adès drew inspiration from Schubert, Mozart and French Baroque paintings.

The Signum Quartett deliberately opted for an early Schubert: ‘Schubert’s early quartets are played relatively infrequently, perhaps because his idiom is not yet so ‘perfect’ as in his late quartets. However, this quartet, written when Schubert was 17, contains all the desire, grief and sotto voce cheerfulness that typically lies at the heart of his later works.’

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