Jerusalem Quartet

  • 20:15
  • 26.01.2020
  • Grote zaal
  • € 37

Jerusalem Quartet
Alexander Pavlovsky violin
Sergei Bresler violin
Ori Kam viola
Kyril Zlotnikov cello

Gregor Sigl (Artemis Quartett) viola

Joseph Haydn String Quartet no. 61, op. 76/2 ‘Fifths
Béla Bartók String Quartet no. 4
Johannes Brahms String Quintet no. 2, op. 111

Haydn and Bartók are both unique and inimitable in their own way. Haydn’s ‘Fifths’ Quartet may seem straightforward enough, yet appearances can be deceptive – as is almost always the case with Haydn. In contrast, Bartók’s fourth string quartet seems complex and unfathomable, but as the work unfolds its intrinsic beauty becomes apparent and its expressive idiom more accessible. 

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In its four-part simplicity the string quartet can be an intimate chamber ensemble but it is also capable of producing full orchestral power. Brahms demonstrates that by adding an extra viola it is even possible to far surpass an orchestra in terms of power. His second string quintet was intended to be his final work. It reveals him at the height of his powers: every bar is convincing, every last structural detail is perfect; this ravishing music explodes with incandescent energy. Gregor Sigl from the Artemis Quartett teams up with his colleagues.

A pre-concert talk will be given by Sabine Lichtenstein at 7.15 pm in the Kleine zaal.

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Jerusalem 2 (C) Felix Broede

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