Alma Quartet

Four musicians of the Concertgebouw Orchestra decided to play string quartet. The result is the Alma Quartet: openminded omnivores – playing anything ranging from collaborations with DJ's to Beethoven and Brahms.

Late Beethoven / Carte blanche

  • 22:30
  • 30.01.2020
  • Grote zaal

Alma Quartet
Marc Daniel van Biemen violin
Benjamin Peled violin
Jeroen Woudstra viola
Nitzan Laster cello

Benjamin Herman saxophone

Ludwig van Beethoven String Quartet no. 12, op. 127

The Alma Quartet and jazz saxophonist Benjamin Herman would seem to be the odd ones out in the festival programme as a whole. Armed with a carte blanche for Benjamin, they join forces on a quest to unearth the jazz in Beethoven. What exactly will take place on stage remains a surprise – will it be the Alma Quartet + Benjamin Herman solo or will he bring along the entire New Cool Collective?

Alma Quartet – HR-9914 – © Jan Willem Groen

Selected by / Alma Quartet

  • 17:00
  • 31.01.2020
  • BIMhuis
  • € 27

Alma Quartet
Marc Daniel van Biemen violin
Benjamin Peled violin
Jeroen Woudstra viola
Nitzan Laster cello

Johannes Brahms String Quartet no. 3 in B flat op. 67
Philip Glass Quartet Satz (Dutch première)

In the summer of 1875, Brahms was on vacation in picturesque Ziegelhausen. During this holiday he was chiefly concerned with avoiding his first symphony, as its creative process weighed heavily upon him. Instead, he wrote many glorious chamber music works, including his third string quartet. He himself spoke deprecatingly of this work, however for a string quartet tackling this work, there is nothing trivial about it. Brahms’s musical ideal makes great demands upon a string quartet; the richness of his sound palette can be perfectly realised with a quintet or sextet, however a quartet has to work very hard to match this sonority. 

Philip Glass composed Quartet Satz for the Kronos Quartet in 2017, as a contribution to its 50 For the Future project. Written in Glass’s familiar idiom, it is a small, sparkling gem, yet imbued with compelling power.

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Each day in Selected By a quartet will present two major works of its own choice in a one-hour performance without interval. The juxtaposition of the two pieces creates a strong contrast or tension, while in some cases their musical impact is reinforced by their relationship to each other.



Alma Quartet – HR-9874 – © Jan Willem Groen

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