PORTRAIT / Quartetto di Cremona

Early Haydn / op. 20/1 by Quartetto di Cremona

Monday 29.1 / 9:30

Quartetto di Cremona + Gary Hoffman + Lawrence Dutton evening concert
Tuesday 30.1 / 20:15

Emerson String Quartet + Quartetto di Cremona + Gary Hoffman evening concert
Wednesday 31.1 / 20:15

We – Cristiano Gualco, Paolo Andreoli, Simone Gramaglia and Giovanni Scaglione – are Quartetto di Cremona. When people speak about our group and how to define us, often one kind of sound is mentioned: the Italian sound. I think, as Italians, we have a tendency to follow an idea of sound coming from our national tradition, that is singing and the opera tradition. The sound of this tradition resonates in our string quartet playing.

The string quartet is a place where you have artistic freedom, the privilege of playing some of the most intense and important music of every composer, the opportunity of growing together with your colleagues a unique vision of every piece you play and of course also loads of hours sitting on a plane.

Therefor, there is no choice but to commit to this genre so intensely. The string quartet, both as a music genre and as a group, is a very fragile creature. In the first years you need to see one another every day in order to build your skills and a good repertoire. Then you need to meet every day to practise for concerts when the number of concerts grows larger every year. In that sense, a string quartet is not so different from an athlete that needs to train everyday.

All this together makes that playing in a string quartet gives its members the opportunity to hugely grow musically and artistically, more that in many other kinds of music making. What I love the most is those few times in which during a concert the music starts to play itself, and we and the public just follow it. For this to happen you need many good conditions, but when it does happen, it’s unique.

Unlike the standard relationship that we establish in order to play in a musical season, with the String Quartet Biennale, its intent to create something special for the audience and for the musicians too was always clear. Many times we have been asked to take part actively in creating ideas for the Biennale. The Biennale is surely one of the most important events for the string quartet worldwide. Being there is a privilege and an honour. For the string quartet lovers that will come to the festival, it is surely going to be something new and unforgettable.

When looking at the entire program, I imagine it must be difficult to choose what you want to hear. Personally, we would like to be part of everything! We do have one special place for playing octet with the Emerson String Quartet, which will be a memorable experience. We already played and recorded with their violist, Lawrence Dutton, whom we know quite well. As a boy I listened many times to their recordings and I always considered their playing as an example. Playing with them in an octet was one of our dreams, which now comes true at the String Quartet Biennale.




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Ruysdael Kwartet

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PORTRAIT / Quartetto di Cremona

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Photo: Fabio Calvelli


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